umPODS 3


OsumPODS are designed to be self-contained autonomous superstructures. Although such structures will not be true biospheres, they will utilize the concept by creating a loop system where air, water, food and waste are recycled within the eco-friendly environment. They will collect and store energy, recycle a finite amount of air and water, and utilize bio symbiotic loop between plants and the human occupants. Although 100% autonomy may never be achieved, it would be practical for communities of a given optimal size to become sustainable without the need of trade, thus becoming self-reliant for all the necessities required to live and prosper. This would be very much like outposts on alien worlds where colonies would be forced to be self-supporting.

The justification for adopting such strategy will be obvious when the electric grid fails and cannot be restored before chaos takes over. The likelihood of disaster striking a substantial block of Earth’s population is probably more certain than any officials want to admit. The ripple effect could lead to worldwide devastation. Humans have allowed themselves to become so dependent that survival is questionable for most when longterm disaster strikes. It is only a matter of time, and investing in upgrading mass infrastructure is no guarantee that war, terrorist activity, or some natural disaster won’t collapse any system we design. Only thru independence can we up our chances for survival.